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Say Goodbye to Excessive Armpit Sweating with miraDry® at SkinSpeaks!

miraDry® is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solutionfor the permanent elimination of underarm sweat and odor glands. The non-invasive procedure works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area. SkinSpeaks now offers this new, highly effective treatment that eliminates sweat and odor at its Edina SkinSpeaks Spa M.D. location.

miraDry is a sweat-stopping solution for all—from those living with uncomfortably high sweat production to those simply wanting to shelve the daily deodorant drill. This procedure has minimal to no downtime, and patients notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. It may even be covered by your FSA or HSA plan! Want to find out more about miraDry? Contact SkinSpeaks to get started!

Do You Struggle with excessive Sweating?

What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Our bodies naturally possess approximately 2 million sweat glands. That means when your internal temperature rises, your body’s normal defense mechanism is to sweat it out through a clear fluid that expels through your pores and evaporates on your skin. This chemical reaction is performed by your eccrine glands and helps you stay cool under pressure.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a condition that causes you to over sweat under your arms and other bodily areas. This happens when your eccrine glands overreact to certain stimuli (e.g. exercise, stress, emotion, heat, etc.), causing your body to overproduce sweat and leave a trail of unwanted sweat stains on your t-shirt.

miraDry’s No-Sweat Solution!

miraDry targets the area where the sweat glands reside, safely destroying them while simultaneously cooling your skin for added comfort. And because your underarm area only contains 2% of your body’s total sweat gland percentage, the treatment is completely safe and effective.

What to EXPECT During a Miradry Treatment at SkinSpeaks

After your consultation, a SkinSpeaks specialist will schedule your in-house, one-time miraDry treatment. Appointments typically last about two hours with zero downtime!

Step 1: Prep Your Pits

Before your appointment, be sure to shave your underarm hair 4-6 days prior to treatment. There should be a small amount of hair growth visible to help identify the targeted area.

Step 2: Mark the Spot

After local anesthesia is administered to the targeted area, a temporary tattoo is used to mark where the miraDry hand-held applicator will be applied.

Step 3: Treat the Area

The miraDry applicator is then placed on the area, where it’s activated through a suction mechanism that releases thermal energy into your skin, destroying both sweat and odor glands.

See miraDry in Action!

What People Have to Say about their MiraDry Experience

“In the past, I’ve used OTC and prescription strength antiperspirants with no luck. MiraDry has been a game changer for me!”

“Before miraDry, my clothing paid a big price, and I had to deal with frequent dry cleaning bills.”

“My experience was very easy with minimal discomfort and the results were instant!”

FAQS About Miradry

Does miraDry Hurt?

Because local anesthesia is administered to the underarm prior to treatment, most patients experience little to no pain. Some patients reported swelling, numbness, bruising, and sensitivity in the underarm area for several days post-treatment.

When Can I Expect Results?

You’ll start seeing results instantly! And once your underarm sweat glands are destroyed, they won’t come back. Recent clinical information confirms an average of 82% sweat reduction in most miraDry patients with one treatment. Some patients who desire even further sweat readuction may receive a second treatment. As with any aesthetic treatment, results will vary by person.

How Much Does miraDry Cost?

miraDry is not typically covered by insurance providers, as it is still considered a cosmetic procedure; however, as an FDA-approved method of permanently removing underarm sweat and odor glands, you may be eligible to use your HSA of FSA as a form of payment. Price will vary. Contact SkinSpeaks today for a free miraDry consultation to discuss your skincare needs, goals, and pricing options.

For more information on miraDry, visit miradry.com or contact a SkinSpeaks near you!

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