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Permanent Makeup

Meet the artist
With a combination of artistic talent, perfectionism, extensive training and over 10 years of experience, Emily Turgeon is one of the most sought after professionals in the area. Her passion for what she does will offer you confidence in choosing Emily as your artist.

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is much more than just applying color to brows, eyes or lips. As a talented facial architect, Emily uses an exclusive formula to custom tailor where each individual’s brows should should be, according to their facial structure. Proper shaping and color transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked eyebrows and enhances the entire face. Whether it’s a subtle or dramatic eyeliner your’ve been dreaming about, Emily works with you to achieve your permanent makeup goals. Properly shaped arches, pristine eyeliner and cleanly defined lips have never been so effortless.

Does it hurt?
A topical anesthetic is used before and during the procedure to prevent pain and discomfort. Although rarely needed, an onsite dermatologist is available for injectable lidocaine when necessarty to ensure utmost client comfort.

What is the recovery like?
Most patients enjoy an almost immediate recovery and resume all normal activites within 24 hours. Makeup is avoided on the affected area and a topical ointment is worn for 7-10 days. Some patients will experience swelling in the area, which generally subsides in 2-3 days.

Are the pigments safe?
Emily uses only the industry’s best pigments. Tested and true formulas made in the USA. Designed for longevity and trueness to color with their inability to oxidize. The iron oxide free formulas are organic based pigments (safe for MRI’s). The right color is mixed to match each client’s features for a completely customized treatment.

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