Cosmetic Dermatology

Spider Veins & Broken Blood Vessels

Surface capillaries, also known as spider veins or spider vessels, form near the surface of the skin on the legs for a number of reasons: pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight gain, medications, genetics, or standing and sitting for long stretches of time. Age and sun exposure can also contribute to spider vessels on the cheeks or nose of fair-skinned patients.

For patients interested in reducing the appearance of their spider veins using a noninvasive cosmetic dermatology procedure, SkinSpeaks’ skin care specialists are here to help and will provide you with the following treatment option:


  • Laser Therapy

    Laser skin therapy is used to treat spider veins on the face, which are often too small to “scler.” Instead, the light from the laser targets and coagulates the spider-like blood vessels while leaving the surrounding skin unchanged. The number of skin care treatments needed to produce the desired results varies depending on the type and location of your spider veins.

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