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Betty's Story

I am very grateful to have discovered SkinSpeaks. The friendliness, expertise and professionalism of their staff is unique and refreshing. My experiences with Jen Jeansson and Shae Lyrenmann are Amazing! My skin and life have been radically improved and transformed!

I struggled my younger years with acne and over exposure to the sun causing a lot of sun spots and fine wrinkles. Now in my middle years, I receive continuous compliments about how healthy and radiant I look. I never thought I could look in the mirror and feel so confident and glowing.

The Staff at SkinSpeaks listens to my needs and consults me with the latest advancements and most effective methods of improving my skin and appearance. They clearly understand the importance of a natural, yet improved and youthful outcome. I never leave feeling pressured or confused. I highly recommend SkinSpeaks to anyone interested in improving their skin and their lives.


Kathy's Story

After years of seeking a solution to my acne scars, a friend of mine highly recommended that I visit SkinSpeaks: Advancements in Dermatology and Spa M. D. I have been plagued with acne most of my life and developed scars on my face, which really affected my self esteem.

I visited SkinSpeaks in Burnsville for a consultation. A delightful esthetician gave me honest answers regarding the treatments that would be the most effective for my type of scars. I had tried a laser treatment at another spa, a few months prior, without any visible improvement. The esthetician at SkinSpeaks explained that due to my type of scarring, I would be a good candidate for “punch grafting” and suggested that I meet with Dr. Carney directly.

As luck would have it, I got an appointment that day. Dr. Carney, a most wonderful man, explained the punch grafting process to me. He also illustrated why other treatments would not sufficiently soften the scars. After our meeting, I understood why this was the best option for me and felt completely confident in the treatment I was choosing.

Dr. Carney performed the procedure and was absolutely meticulous in deciding what size incision to make to successfully fill the scar. All that was required for pain management was a bit of Novocaine. The process took about half an hour.

When I returned for a follow-up appointment, I was positively thrilled! Gone was the gaping hole. Dr. Carney said I needed to come back to shave down the slightly elevated skin; and because I am a single mother of three, he was willing to work with me to make additional punch grafts affordable. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Dr. Carney is positive, funny and truthful. What I truly appreciated is that he said “Kathy, I get how these scars bug you; I will make sure that you look in the mirror without make-up and like what you see.”

Kathy, Edina

Linda's Story

About ten years ago, I had an incident involving an erbium CO2 laser. The doctor who performed the laser resurfacing burnt my face badly, leaving me with terrible scars —physically and emotionally. For months, I was treated as a burn victim and had to apply cold packs to my face every night. I even suffered from painful nerve damage—I’d feel lightening bolts stabbing at my face.

Eventually, I went to see Dr. Carney. Nine months post laser surgery, I was still struggling and emotionally worn out. I walked into his office and Dr. Carney was the first doctor who sat down and just listened. He then said, “Linda I can’t believe what you’ve been through. I’m going to walk you through this. I don’t know what we’re going to do yet, but we will find a path to healing your skin. And together, I think we can turn this around.”

After a year and a half, I had finally achieved the results I wanted. By the way, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Carney’s ever since … 10 years and counting.

Linda, Apple Valley
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Mitzi's Story

Dr. Carney treated me for adult acne 20 years ago. I selected him based on his location in Burnsville—a matter of convenience for a busy working mom. Now, I would drive to the end of the earth to see him.

When I first met Dr. Carney, I thought he looked just like a young Mel Gibson only better. From that point on, I called him Dr. Mel. He prescribed Accutane and my skin cleared up quickly. My clear skin gave me the confidence to meet with attorneys and high power firms to sell my services. I saw Dr. Carney off and on throughout the years as needed. I have referred many of my good friends to him as well.

I also took my daughter to see Dr. Carney for teenage acne. He placed her on Accutane and her skin cleared up within a few months. Her self-esteem soared and she has become a beautiful, successful and confident young woman.   

More recently, I returned to see Dr. Carney for a multitude of concerns. During the visit, we chatted about my husband’s fatal accident and Dr. Carney and his RN Cassie showed genuine concern for my health—emotional, spiritual and physical. They listened to me.

I also joked that I should do something about a few sags and deep folds on my face. This opened the door to a new outlook on life for me. Cassie gave me some information on various options, advised me to read them, and sent me on my way.

I called a few days later and made an appointment to see Cassie. She treated me with a bit of Juvéderm and Botox—with great results. A trainer at a gym said I was looking younger from working out...little did he know!

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Carney and his staff. You can trust SkinSpeaks: Advancements in Dermatology and Spa M.D. to provide the best care.

Mitzi, Lakeville

Bill's Story

I was born and raised in the South. Being that I have fair skin, I had a lot of sunburns as a boy. Of course, at that time no one thought twice about sun protection. Not surprisingly, I got squamous cell carcinoma and some other minor precancerous stuff that Dr. Carney treated. I was seeing him on a fairly regular basis, due to my history and came in for a skin cancer screening. Dr. Carney noticed a spot on the back of my neck that he had previously burned off and he said, “Bill you know this is the strangest thing. Here’s a spot in the same place where I burned off the last AK. I think I want to take a biopsy.”

It didn’t look like melanoma—it was just a little red spot. I hadn’t even noticed it. He took the biopsy and called me back a few weeks later and said, “Bill I’ve got some bad news. It’s melanoma and I’m going to put you in touch with some specialists who are going to do further testing and take some samples from your lymph nodes.”

Dr. Carney literally saved my life—because he caught the cancer early enough. If you simply take what melanoma looks like at face value—you know what you see on the web or in a magazine—you’d never guessed my “spot” was deadly melanoma. I’ve lost a good friend, a boss and a dear client to melanoma in the past three years. Dr. Carney has more than just the medical credentials…he has the instincts it takes to be an exceptional doctor.

Bill, Lakeville

Deb's Story

I had been suffering with psoriasis and significant pain in my spine since 1993. In 2001 I had a spinal fusion to help ease the pain in my lower back. However, the pain persisted for years and progressed to my neck and shoulders, while my skin disease worsened. I saw a multitude of doctors over the next fifteen years—and tried everything under the sun to help alleviate my painful condition. No luck. My skin continued to get worse and the pain became even more excruciating.

In 2008, I went to a rheumatologist who finally diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis. I was prescribed a new medication, which did improve the joint pain and skin condition for a year or so. But then the pain became unmanageable. My rheumatologist suggested that I see a dermatologist—so they could work together to find a solution. The solution (new medication) quickly turned my condition from bad to worse.

My hands and feet were so bad that the entire soles of my feet completely sloughed off. I was being treated every other day with light treatments, creams and medication.

Soon I developed a serious infection in my hands and feet, which forced me to be hospitalized for 4 days. My hands and feet were bleeding so badly and the pain was so excruciating! It was during my hospital stay that a miracle happened. Dr. Carney walked through the door of my hospital room bringing with him his knowledge, compassion, instinct, and most importantly…hope.

After my hospital stay, Dr. Carney met with me at his clinic on a weekly basis. His willingness to take the time to listen and do whatever it took to come up with a treatment plan for me was beyond admirable. He really cared about me as a person. I wasn’t just a patient. Dr. Carney gave me my life back.

Deb, Shakopee

Judy's Story

I have been a patient of Dr. Carney’s for more than 20 years, and during that time, have consulted him for several different skin issues. One thing I can always be sure of is Dr. Carney and his staff will take the time necessary to listen to my concerns and they always take my concerns seriously.

I’ve suffered with some very challenging skin disorders, which have not always responded to first-line treatments. I’m thankful that Dr. Carney never gave up on me. In fact, he was always willing to try different treatments.

Whether my problems were big or small, Dr. Carney never dismissed any of them. He understands that if something bothers me, it is important to me. He always treats me with the utmost respect and caring.

Judy, Crystal

Amy's Story

Years ago, my son split open his lip—a result of a baseball gone wild. He was only 4 years old. Needless to say, he was hysterical but I think my husband and I were even more so! We rushed him to the emergency room. As luck would have it, Dr. Carney was the attending physician on duty. He was so fabulous, so kind and gentle. He immediately calmed down our son—and my husband and me too!

At the time, I was a young mother with 3 children all under the age of 4, and Dr. Carney had the foresight to tell me to ask for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, if any of my children ever got hurt.

For the past 20 years, my entire family, including my 3 children, husband, mother (who recently was diagnosed with melanoma) and myself have seen Dr. Carney. We would never consider going to any other dermatologist. He is an absolutely phenomenal man.

I have an auto-immune disorder that has caused numerous skin concerns over the years, which Dr. Carney has successfully treated. My body tends to keloid, and Dr. Carney is extremely cautious when treating my skin.

Most recently, he has helped me take control of my rosacea. He helped me fight my rosacea in ways that no other doctor would—Dr. Carney even helped me get my insurance company to cover the cost of treatment. He totally understands rosacea is more than skin deep. It affects your very core by grinding away at your self esteem. Rosacea is not only disfiguring to your face, but to your psyche, as well.

His approach to treating my skin is holistic. He not only cares about my skin’s health and appearance, he also knows that it is affected by things going on in my life. Dr. Carney doesn’t just treat the patient. He treats the person.

Amy, Minneapolis