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Sun Damage/Age Spots


Age spots aren't caused by getting older. Instead, you can blame them on the sun. Sunshine is an attack on the skin, and one way the skin defends itself is to make pigment. Moreover, age spots are often accompanied by premature wrinkles. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation penetrates deep into the skin breaking down collagen and elastin fibers—the skins supportive structure. Over time, the skin sags and loses its firmness. Wrinkles, lines and pigment changes in the form of age spots and discoloration become apparent. SkinSpeaks offers many types of treatments to help repair sun-damaged skin.


Chemical Peels

Several types of chemical peels can help reduce fine lines, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, and blotchy patches to restore a more youthful appearance to the skin. The type of chemical peel used is based on the characteristics of the patient’s skin and the desired result. We offer many different chemical peels, including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, vitalize peel, Rejuvenize peel, Vivier peel and Melanage.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy stimulates collagen renewal, as well as resurfaces the skin from the inside out. Laser energy is used to remove the upper layers of sun–damaged skin. As new cells form during the healing process, the skin appears smoother and more even toned. SkinSpeaks offers several state–of–the–art laser treatments that treat sun damaged skin, including Thermage CPT, ThermaFrax, Fraxel Re:store, Candela Vbeam® Perfecta.

Medical Skin Care Products

SkinSpeaks has handpicked a collection of the most efficacious skin care products available to treat sun-damaged skin and age spots. We don’t believe in complicated skin care regimens. We do believe in a customized approach to treating skin damaged by the sun—a regimen boosted with medical grade skin care products targeted to brighten and smooth the skin. In many cases, prescription hydroquinone and tretinoin is also incorporated into a patient’s skin care routine.


Microdermabrasion treatments rejuvenate skin by utilizing the gentle abrasive action of micro–crystals to slough off dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion improves skin texture and creates a more youthful glow. It also helps enhance the penetration of chemical peels.


IPL (intense pulsed light) is a safe and effective treatment for unwanted pigmentation. Areas of the skin that carry excess pigmentation absorb the light energy during treatment and become damaged. Those areas will darken initially, and then the body’s natural healing process takes effect to eradicate the discoloration. A single treatment or a series of IPL treatments may be required for optimal results.