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My miraDry Experience #5

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My favorite benefit from the miraDry treatment so far has been the immediate loss of odor and perspiration. I decided to do the miraDry procedure because I didn’t want to have to worry about odor any more. The treatment itself went a lot quicker than I anticipated and I noticed a significant reduction in the swelling and tenderness every day during my recovery.  Whether I am sweating at the gym or working closely with someone at work, I no longer feel a sense of insecurity about my odor. I would recommend this treatment to anyone!

J.C., Maple Grove

My miraDry Experience #4

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I have suffered from excessive sweat for many years and, until now, have been receiving Botox Therapeutic injections to control it. I decided to have the miraDry treatment because although effective, my Botox Therapeutic treatments would only last about 2 months before I needed more injections. Also, the thought of never having to wear deodorant again, or less of it, was enough for me. The procedure was slightly uncomfortable for some parts of it, but overall was not painful and totally worth it for me. I have not sweat since and have not had to apply deodorant either. Recovery was pretty fast for me, within 1 week the swelling was dramatically lower (I had quite a bit) and the tenderness was really only after the numbing medication wore off and the next day.


My miraDry Experience #3

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I was motivated to get miraDry to reduce odor and eliminate the need to apply deodorant daily.  There is nothing worse when rushing out the door for work in the morning to look down and see white marks on your beautiful handpicked outfit of the day!  I have enjoyed not having to worry about this at all.  I immediately noticed the reduction of ANY odor from my underarms, even when not wearing deodorant.  Not having to worry about this has saved me time in the mornings by NEVER having this issue!

The treatment itself was really quite easy.  The local numbing that is done to make you comfortable during the procedure is like tiny mosquito bites, when you feel anything at all, most of the injections were not felt.  I was most nervous about this part as I have a needle phobia, but WOW, it was NOTHING!  The actual miraDry portion of the treatment was painless, I felt about 2 or 3 areas where I thought I could feel “something” but then it was over.  Easy Peasy!

My recovery went AMAZING!  I iced for the rest of the afternoon and the next day.  I took ibuprofen as recommended just for 1 day.  I had hardly noticeable swelling or pain.  If I touched the area firmly, it was more of an awareness that something was done in the area, but not painful.  It has now been a week and a half and I still have that same awareness feeling if I press hard in the area, but less than before.

The first time I worked out after having the miraDry procedure I mentally thought I was wet, but after asking my poor husband to stick his hands under there and feel it, he laughed and said, “no babe, your DRY!”  I have not had any issues with being wet in the treated area, it is great!

I think everyone would benefit from miraDry!  I work with many people who have excessive sweating that I know causes embarrassment. This would reduce/eliminate the medications they need to use in order to control their issues, all which have potential side effects.  I think this would be a life changer for them.  I also think this would be wonderful for people who just don’t want to sweat under their arms anymore, and people who don’t want to have any chemicals on their skin from deodorant.


My miraDry Experience #2

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I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. My hands were the area of my body affected the worst, and this impacted me every single day of my life, because my hands were constantly sweating. I always wanted to work in the medical field, but would never have been able to get gloves on, so this and the fear of touching people with sweaty hands, kept me from pursuing my goals. My life revolved around the hyperhidrosis. My fear of having to touch someone, or them wanting to shake my hand, was on my mind 24/7. About 15 years ago, I finally decided I had enough, and did not want to be consumed by this condition anymore. According to my doctor at the time, the only treatment for hyperhidrosis was a prescription strength antiperspirant, Certaindry. This antiperspirant did not improve my hand sweating at all. Botox nor Robinul were being used for hyperhidrosis at this time. I knew there had to be something else I could try, so I researched what was out there, and found a new surgical endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy procedure to treat hyperhidrosis. The new endoscopic procedure was only being done by 2 surgeons in the United States. It took almost a year of fighting with my insurance company to get some of the surgery covered. No matter how much it would cost me, I was going to do it. I decided to go ahead with the surgery, and flew to San Antonio to have the surgery performed under general anesthesia. The surgery went well, and recovery was not too bad. The sweating in my hands was significantly reduced from the procedure, but I then started to experience moderate to severe compensatory sweating of the trunk, underarms, and feet. I have since had Botox injections, used Drysol, and taken Robinul to help with the compensatory sweating. The Botox works very well on my underarms, but the procedure is uncomfortable, and has to be repeated every few months. The Drysol helps a little, as does the Robinul, but not without side effects. When I heard about miraDry, which only had to be done 1 or 2 times EVER, I was so incredibly excited! For myself, and for everyone that suffers with hyperhidrosis, whose lives I know will be changed for the better because of this treatment! I had the Miradry done 2 weeks ago, which was virtually painless by the way, and since that time I have had NO, absolutely ZERO sweating in my underarms with using no deodorant/antiperspirant. I have had no additional compensatory sweating, and other than mild swelling for about a week after the procedure, there were no side effects! This is the best treatment ever, as far as I’m concerned! I know this treatment is going to make such a difference in the lives of those people living with hyperhidrosis. I am so excited for them to experience what a miracle treatment Miradry really is!


My miraDry Experience #1

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I am so excited to tell everyone about miraDry-I have a several year history of hyperhidrosis and malodor. In the past I have used OTC and prescription strength antiperspirants/deodorants with no luck. Topical RX treatments caused chemical burning of my skin. I then moved onto Botox therapeutic with good results initially then waning over time which required multiple applications of a topical during the day. Everyday after bathing I would use a clinical strength product. After several hours at work I would reapply as I would continue to sweat. My clothing paid a big price and I had to deal with frequent dry cleaning bills.

My experience with miraDry was very easy and with minimal discomfort. I had slight discomfort for about a total of 2 minutes that was reasonable. Post procedure I did have a larger amount of edema in the axilla that lasted a total of 2 weeks that daily improved for me. Pain was minimal post procedure and minimized by ice packs and ibuprofen. As far as results they were instant. I have yet to wear a topical antiperspirant during normal activities and only after an intense work out will I note a small amount of odor that is not detectable by those around me.

I speak professionally as well as see many patients on a daily basis–miraDry has been a game changer for me. I am so excited and thrilled to share this treatment with my patient’s, family and friends.

Elisa Hanson, Nurse Practitioner

Why Suffer With Sweat?

SkinSpeaks is excited to offer miraDry®
miraDry® is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for permanent elimination of underarm sweat and odor glands. miraDry is non-invasive and works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area. SkinSpeaks offers a new, highly effective treatment method that eliminates sweat and reduces underarm odor in as little as one treatment. miraDry is a sweat-stopping solution for all — from those with uncomfortably high sweat production, to those simply wanting to shelve the daily deodorant drill. This procedure has minimal to no downtime, and patients notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. Want to find out more about miraDry? No sweat.

Keep an eye out for miraDry testimonials in the coming weeks!