Refreshed, Smooth and Glowing Skin is Possible With…

The Refreshed, Smooth & Glowing Skin You Have Been Waiting for:

CLARISONIC CLEAN!! Sonic cleansing is the first step to a healthy skin regimen and is #1 recommended by Dermatologists. This powerful, yet gentle cleansing brush is moving at 300 oscillations /second removing impurities and thoroughly cleansing pores removing dirt and oil.

In addition, this fabulous cleansing brush provides a gentle exfoliation allowing topical skin care products to absorb through the skin more effectively. Beautifully transforms skin by improving texture better, long term outcomes and faster results to smooth, soft, and radiant skin. Perfect for all skin types!

Who doesn’t want smoother-softer skin?

Do you get those annoying, tiny, little bumps or rough patches on the back of your arms or on your thighs? You may be suffering from Keratosis Pilaris. Not to worry, this condition is rather popular and harmless. Keratosis Pilaris is a buildup of keratin cells that blocks the hair follicle resulting in small acne like bumps. They tend to worsen when your skin is dry, under moisturized or needs more exfoliation.

Have no fear, it is easy to manage. Especially helpful are Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and Beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) products- they help dissolve the dead skins cells that contribute to these stubborn clogged pores.

Skin Speaks product of choice would be CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion, to help exfoliate, soften, and smooth those annoying bumps. With the power of hydroxy acids, CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion, dissolves built up skin cells and allows moisture to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin leaving your skin feeling wonderfully smooth and hydrated.
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Acne 101

Are you frustrated when you look in the mirror? Do you feel like you need to camouflage or hide your face? Do you avoid participating in social functions because you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Acne is one of the most common diseases we see in our clinic and we want to help. First, however, a little background into what is happening in your skin.

Acne affects a high percentage of our adolescent patients. During adolescence our body starts to develop and change in the way it begins to produce oil (or sebum) from our oil glands. Normally the skin sheds its dead skin cells and sloughs off. When the sebum is produced the dead skin cells stick and get trapped inside the pore. To add fuel to fire a common skin bacteria called P. Acnes gets trapped inside the pore and multplies, which causes inflammation and skin problems and results in cysts and nodules.

There are 5 types of acne lesions that are noted to develop. They are open and closed comedones, papules, pustules, cysts and nodules. Many patients find acne is not limited to the face but also the scalp, neck, back and chest. Furthermore, acne can sometimes painful and itchy. It does not just affect you physically, according to the American Academy of Dermatology there are studies that have proven acne can change your quality of life. These are some of the reported emotional side effects:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Social withdrawal
• Decreased self-esteem
• Reduced self-confidence
• Poor body image
• Embarrassment
• Anger
• Preoccupied with thoughts about acne
• Frustration
• Higher rate of unemployment

At SkinSpeaks: Advancements in Dermatology we are here to take back control over your skin. We have many treatment options available to help you love the skin you’re in! Please call us to schedule an appointment today. Help is right around the corner!

Retinoids…Why all the buzz?

Retinoids…Why all the buzz?

The word is seen everywhere, from product bottles to television commercials broadcasting this as the latest fountain of youth. But what really is a retinoid, and more importantly, how would this product powerhouse benefit you?

A retinoid (topical Vitamin A) is a prescription form of the commonly used OTC retinol. A retinoid has the ability to help unplug pores, reduce skin discoloration, restore vibrancy to the complexion, balance oil production, and improve the appearance of fine wrinkles. Retinoid creams have also been proven to build collagen within the dermis, helping restore elasticity and further improve fine lines. If you think of a baby’s skin, full and plump with a dewy, fresh appearance, this is essentially the end goal of long term retinoid usage. Retinoids work by reducing the dull, outer layer of dead skin cells-called our statum corneum, and plumps the healthy, living layer of skin underneath, called our basal layer. With continued usage, baby soft skin can be yours!

Consultations are recommended to assist you in picking the perfect retinoid for your skin type. This product can range from mild to wild, and choosing the right one for you is very important! Our consultations are always complimentary and we would be happy to discuss this fountain of youth with you. Call Skin Speaks today to set up your free consultation (952) 435-6565.